I’ve been already 10 years working as IT consultant, setting up servers in many datacenters, where you see how much energy is wasted in cooling a room with opened doors. Sometimes not understanding why we need to place QuadCore CPU’s servers to handle a load of 25 Exchange.

Some years ago, virtualization changed the of of doing IT. Sharing the same physical hardware between servers saved lots of money on datacenter infrastructure, power consumption and cooling energy saving.

Now it’s time to publish services into the cloud, that place where nobody really knows where exactly it is. The cloud, the new way of doing IT. Centralising services in spliteed datacenters, sharing equipment on the cloud. But when you got to buy a latop on shop, you can only find Quad cores i3, i5 with 4GB of RAM, do we need such amount of power to run applications into the cloud?

So the way I see the future is now the Virtual Desktop, the Desktop in the Cloud, people having his Desktop accessible from everywhere, from any device, applications on the cloud, and final devices with low resources, with low power consumption able to connect to these Virtual Desktops and Services on the Cloud.

This blog is motivated to this new way of doing IT. Cloud IT, GreenIT. I want to use technology to save energy, saving costs, reducing hardware, reducing travels… Somebody calls it GreenIT, I prefer to call it, the future of IT.


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